Company Policy

Odin Tours Iceland Ltd – Company policy

Future vision – During the next three to five years we want to develop an efficient adventure tourist service in co-operation with approved British and Spanish travel agencies and domestic partners. Conservation with the highest respect to the environment plays a vital role. By increasing substantially our forestry planting, classifying and recycling all waste together with the essential mindset of never throwing away anything that did not originally belong to nature

Business culture – introducing a combination of Spanish and Icelandic hospitality and traditions with an emphasis on creating a ‘no stress’ ambience, thereby maximizing the ‘here and now’ consciousness. And offering a quality service and complying with our promise of a unique experience.

Main objectives – To offer our guests personal service accompanied with a unique experience of the Icelandic Nature through livery stables and longer adventure excursions. The emphasis will be on safety and the dissemination of information that will create joy and happiness. We will introduce our guests to the lay of the land and the history of the settlement of Höskuldsstadir and Breiddalur.

Strategic Marketing – As a basis we emphasise the following definition of Odin Tours Iceland Ltd.: We are a small family business that grew out of a long standing dream of living in the country in Iceland where Mother Nature offers an indescribable beauty and varied environment. For us the Breiddalur is such a place since our main aim and basic skills consist in our ability to create JOY and HAPPINESS in such circumstances.

Our conviction is – That we are at the right time and place to establishing Odin Tours Iceland by offering a variety of leisure activities to domestic and foreign visitors.

For this purpose we are prepared to participate in a mutual, honest and constructive co-operation with all those that are already involved or will be involved, directly or indirectly, in such co-operation for the foreseeable future.