Business Identity & Symbology

Our Business Identity – The Mythology behind our company name

Odin was the highest, most powerful, and the wisest of all the gods. All of the other gods had de­scended from him.

OdinnHe was their ruler and sat on the throne on Asgard. Odin’s throne was his “watchtower.” From it he could look down upon the entire world and see what was happening among gods, gi­ants, dwarves, elves, and men. Only he and his wife Frigga were allowed to sit on this magical throne. He wore a ring, called Draupnir, which was an emblem of fruitfulness. Odin was consid­ered a war god. This can be seen in his weapons. He carried a sacred spear which was so sa­cred that any oaths taken on it could never be broken. He also wore and eagle helmet and had a magic bow which he would take into battle. With the bow he could fire ten arrows at once each always hitting separate targets. Odin had a few pets as well. Two ravens rested Huggy_and_Munnyon his shoulders. One was named Hugin, thought, and the other Munin, memory. At his feet he had two wolves: Geri and Freki. He fed them with his own hands the meat that was given to him because he did not need to eat. Odin was far from perfect in form for he was missing an eye. He lost his eye to know the future. Odin had heard of an old man, Mimir, who had a well that al­lowed one to see the future. Mimir would show Odin the location of the well unless he plucked out one of his eyes. Odin promptly did so and was shown the well. There saw the future events of Ragnarok, the end of the world, and what came after. Odin was also the inventor of the runes. He set the laws and codes for humans to govern their lives. He told how man was fallible and said that one needed to have courage, temperance, independence, truthfulness, respect for old age, hospitality, charity, and contentment.

Our Symbology – Sleipnir

Sleipnir(Norse, “gliding one”) is the legendary eight-legged horse belonging to Odin, the Fa­ther-God of the Norse pan­theon. Sleipnir carries Odin between the world of the Gods and the world of mat­ter. The eight legs symbolize the directions of the com­pass, and Sleipnir’s ability to travel through both land and air.
There is some evidence that Odin himself was at one time anthropomorphized as a horse; Sleipnir’s ability to trav­el instantaneously associates him with sunlight. In Norse mythological tales, Sleipnir is the offspring of the God Loki and Svaldifari, the great horse of the Giants.