A unique experience!

East Iceland, is known to be one of the most diverse areas of region, with its unique habitats, it is truly one of the most captivating and memorable places you will find anywhere in our world today. Come experience all of Iceland’s spectacular scenery, stretching from the glaciers to the sea: with vast barren expanses and verdant green valley’s with stands of trees, along with deserted sparkling fjords and their pristine shores, to the hot springs and crystal clear mountain brooks among impressive mountain ranges, dotted with beautiful hidden waterfalls. These are the wonders of our land, offering an experience that will nourish the soul, and energize the spirit simply by the sheer splendour of its profound beauty and natural majesty. Amidst growing towns and communities, you will find our people warm and friendly, accommodating, and willing to work hard to insure your time here is one you will treasure always.




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